About MEHS

Milwaukee Excel High School
4610 W. State Street
Milwaukee, WI  53208

Phone: (414) 847-0632

Milwaukee Excel High School serves as a fulcrum of collaboration for Milwaukee area youth, families, community based, city, county and state youth serving organizations to address the educational needs of high schooled aged youth including those involved or at risk of involvement in alcohol and drug use, the criminal justice system and or gangs.

Milwaukee Excel High School rejuvenates disenfranchised youth through effective and supportive programming, and empowers students to invest in their education, career goals, family, and community.


There has been a paradigm shift in terms of education. Although the traditional approach to education will actively serve as a building block, I believe that alternatives must be sought to enhance the educational experience of our youth and to ensure a student has the ability to compete in the employment market place. Milwaukee Excel High School will fill these needs.

- Janice Patterson, General Manager – Quicksilver Express Courier